Welcome traveler! I see that you have stumbled across my obnoxiously pretentious humble blog. It may just be merely one out of many many other, similar blogs, but this one is mine....so......take that as you will....I guess.

At this point in time, you won't find a wide variety of fandomy type stuff going on here, the only fandom I officially consider myself a part of is the Team Fortress 2 fandom, though I may from time to time reblog things from other fandoms. I tend to mostly post/reblog film and gaming related things, along with anything else that strikes my fancy (no, I don't consider my blog to be that unique). Yep this is only another blog among countless others, it's just taking up space (hopefully on your dash).
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Nintendo Comic Peach > Any other Peach.

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do u ever just meet someone and KNOW they have a tumblr with a long ass superwholock url & their blog title is something like “welcome to my twisted mind”

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There Will Be Blood (2007), written for the screen and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

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I heard microsoft bought mojang

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Its out, the long awaited sequel to the Windows XP Destruction video. Enjoy, This computer didn’t.

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