Welcome traveler! I see that you have stumbled across my obnoxiously pretentious humble blog. It may just be merely one out of many many other, similar blogs, but this one is mine....so......take that as you will....I guess.

At this point in time, you won't find a wide variety of fandomy type stuff going on here, the only fandom I officially consider myself a part of is the Team Fortress 2 fandom, though I may from time to time reblog things from other fandoms. I tend to mostly post/reblog film and gaming related things, along with anything else that strikes my fancy (no, I don't consider my blog to be that unique). Yep this is only another blog among countless others, it's just taking up space (hopefully on your dash).
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Artist: Pixies / Volt 44
Track: Where Is My 8bit Mind?
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baby: dd d dde..dd-da
dad: daddy? :)
baby: desu
dad: its a fucking weeb
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god bless

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i don’t know if the best part of this post is the excruciating sexism or the metal gear solid in the corner

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George Lucas’s Full Metal Jacket  - Created by Cüneyt Özalp

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The new smash bros looks so realistic (X)

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The Room, Troll 2, and Birdemic
The best of the worst.

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People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

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